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REXON transformer oil purification machine used well at site

The transformer oil purifier that we shipped last month is now very well used in Malaysian customers place. Customers purchased our 9000L/H transformer oil purifier and used it to process their 90MVA 132/33/11 KV transformers, running online for 19 hours at a time, as well as other types of transformers, the equipment is running well, and the transformer oil treatment index is below 3PPM. The particle is less than 1 micron. In addition, the customer tested the oil with the BDV tester also purchased in our company. The BDV of the oil is greater than 80KV.

The transformer oil purifier purchased by the customer also has a flow change function, the user can adjust the processing flow required by himself to work, and the machine is also equipped with an oil inlet pump and an oil discharge pump, so that the transformer can be quickly oiled.

In addition, this machine has an automatic timed shutdown mode and an automatic PPM compliance shutdown mode. The customer can set the running time of the machine according to his own needs, such as 10 hours, 20 hours, then the machine will automatically stop when it runs to that time. The customer can also automatically shut down the machine according to the setting of the water content of the oil PPM, such as setting 5PPM, 3PPM, etc. When the oil is detected by the online moisture detector to reach 5PPM or 3PPM, the machine will automatically stop.

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