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Multi-Function of REXON Transformer Oil Filtration Machine

For onsite transformer oil filtration job, REXON oil filtration unit can have below functions:

*Oil flow capacity change function

Oil flow capacity can be changed easily from operating panel as any data as you need to fit to process different size transformers, then one machine =several machines.

For example, you need a 3000L/H machine, a 6000LPH machine, and a 9000L/H machine separately to deal with different size transformers, but with this oil flow change function, one 9000L/H machine can deal with all different size transformers.

*Automatic timed shutdown mode

Set the machines working time you want, for example 10 hours, or 20 hours, put this data onto the PLC operating screen, and machine will work accordingly by 10hours, or 20 hours, and once the working time satisfied, the machine will shutdown automatically.

*Automatic PPM compliance shutdown mode

Set the PPM data you want the oil to obtain from the filtration process, then machine will shutdown when oil PPM data reaches this value. For example, you set 5PPM or 3PPM to the panel, then machine will auto stop when the online PPM tester detect the oils PPM value to be 5PPM or 3PPM.

*Automatic de-foaming

With this function, user have no worries to adjust the foaming and high vacuum pressure problems, because this system will adjust the vacuum degree automatically. Without this system, user has to adjust the vacuum pressure degree based on your oils moisture contamination degree, if too many moisture and which produced too many foaming and oil bubbles, user need to lower down the vacuum degree of the machine, to release the foaming situation from the processing.

*Automatic safe operation mode

Any wrong operation if user made to the machine, the machine will shutdown automatically. So REXON oil filtration machines are very safe for all users.


Besides the basic function of the oil filtration to transformer oil, REXON oil filtration machine can do other jobs like:

*Evacuating transformer

*Oil filling transformer

*Heating transformer oil

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