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About Insulating Oil BDV Tester Calibration Certificate

Regarding the calibration certificate, our situation in China is like this, each tester can have one calibration certificate. If the customer needs to test and calibrate the test equipment he purchased, we will send it to the relevant calibration department in China for testing and obtain a calibration certificate. The fee is USD250 per unit and the time is 3 business days.

In China, the manufacturer of test equipment will be inspected by the China CSBTS (State Bureau of Technical Supervision) at the beginning of the production of this instrument. After the inspection of this department, the tester can be produced. In the following time, CSBTS Every year, all manufacturers of test equipment will be inspected and tested. Unqualified manufacturers will not be able to produce, and qualified manufacturers can continue to produce. Therefore, the tester equipment produced by the manufacturer is exempt from inspection for each tester independently.

However, if the customer needs, we can help the customer to send the tester to the inspection agency of the national inspection and calibration, and get the calibration certificate of the tester. Each test equipment will have a calibration certificate. The cost and time are as mentioned above.

In China, companies using instruments need to calibrate test equipment and obtain calibration certificates every year.

In addition, our factory can also provide calibration certificates and factory test report depending on the needs of customers. Because the inspection agencies of the national departments are more authoritative, some customers need calibration certificates provided by third-party agencies such as the state departments. Some customers only need the ones provided by our manufacturers.

REXON always specified in oil purification and oil testing instrument, and focus on profession and cost saving for customers.

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