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Coconut Oil Presser | Oil Pressing Machine

Coconut Oil Presser | Oil Pressing Machine

This machine can press a variety of raw kinds, including coconut, peanut, rapeseed , sunflower, soybean, flax, walnut and other oil craps.

  • Product No.: RNP-130


Application:This machine can press a variety  of  raw kinds, including coconut, peanut, rapeseed , sunflower, soybean,  flax, walnut and other oil craps.

Product Description:
This Oil Press Machine, Coconut Oil Presser uses our new technology.
1. Our screw model oil press machine can do both hot and cold press, protect the quality of the oil.
2. This oil press machine can work with many different oil material and it can be set different temperature for different material, high working efficiency and high oil yield.
3. Vacuum oil filter service the oil press machine well, can get the oil at the food grade level directly.
4. We equipped the L type oil cake feeding system, just need one worker to operate it, save labor and improved the working efficiency.
5. The thickness of the oil cake can be adjusted according to the request.

Working Principle:Screw oil press machine is specially for cold and hot press. The material was push by the press screw and squeezing during the pushing by the different capacity of the press kettle, the oil will discharge from the space of the cage bar or the oil pocket. After the vacuum oil filter, the quality of the oil can be reached to the cooking grade.

1.The Electric control cabinet makes the machine can operate easily and safe
2.The L-shape feeding system can save labor and operate easily.
3.The gearbox can slow the speed of the squeezer to reduce abrasion of machine
4.The speed(60-100r/min) of our squeezers is faster than others (40-50r/min),which improves the oil yield,spiral squeezer is row-shape,it can squeeze materials roundly, improve the oil yield.
5.You can adjust the thickness of the oil cake according to your demand.
6.You can feed materials according to your demand by adjust Raw materials feeding hopper and save materials.
7.The oil cake tank can control the amount of the materials and ensures the second squeeze.
8.The processing system and the filtration system can work at same time, makes the oil reach the level of edible oil.
9.The power of the electric motor is three-phase current,which provides enough power to squeeze the materials.


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