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PLC Control System of REXON Oil Purifier
You can also increase and set a variety of functions according to your needs, such as displaying instantaneous oil flow, historical cumulative oil flow, and also displaying the water content value in oil and the impurity content value in oil.... View More>>
REXON Unique High Content Impurities Oil Filter Machine
It is particularly worth mentioning that the machine does not have manual slag discharge, and the automatic slag discharge system saves a lot of time and labor. So as to achieve the purpose of efficient operation, to achieve online production value added.... View More>>
What are the advantages of REXON vacuum oil filter?
REXON's vacuum oil purification equipment adopts China's most advanced oil filtering technology and production process, combined with our leading machine design, upgraded hardware quality and software program. At the same time, REXON provides diversified... View More>>
REXON Oil Purifier Delivery Today
On April 8, 2020, today, we completed the delivery to customers in South Korea. Our quality inspection personnel inspected the machine and everything was qualified. After that, the workers finished packing.... View More>>
REXON Insulation Oil Dielectric Strength Tester JKJQ-1-100 Delivery
Today, we sent an insulation oil Dielectric strength tester Model JKJQ-1-100KV to foreign customers.... View More>>
REXON sells oil purifier machines as usual, the product will not carry viruses
REXON sells oil purifier machines as usual, the product will not carry viruses... View More>>
REXON Ships ZYD-100(6000LPH) to Mexican Customer
REXON Ships ZYD-100(6000LPH) to Mexican Customer on... View More>>
REXON products are BV certified
Today, the BV certification agency has certified and tested our machine parts products.... View More>>
REXON Transformer Oil Purifier 9000LPH Used Well at Customer Site
The transformer oil purification machine 9000Liters / Hour produced by REXON is very well used at foreign customers' sites.... View More>>
REXON IIJ-II-100 Transformer Oil Tester Delivery
We REXON today sent a IIJ-II-100 transformer oil BDV tester to foreign customers. The IIJ-II series tester is a tester for detecting the insulation strength of transformer oil. The detection range of IIJ-II-100 is 0~100KV transformer oil.... View More>>
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