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REXON 304 Stainless Steel Oil Purification System
Recently, REXON has developed an all-stainless steel oil purification filter machine, the whole body is made of 304 stainless steel.... View More>>
Delivery of REXON Vacuum Pumping System
Delivery of REXON Vacuum Pumping System... View More>>
REXON Insulating Oil Withstand Voltage Tester Tested in Factory Today
Every oil tester, oil purifier, oil filter machine, and oil regeneration treatment equipment of REXON must undergo strict quality control, technical verification, and testing inspection. After that, customers will receive REXON oil machines.... View More>>
REXON Double Vacuum Chamber New Series Oil Purifier
REXON new oil purifier has two vacuum chambers, which are actually two vacuum oil dehydration systems, this new design can largely increase vacuum oil dehydrating and degassing area for the oil filtration and oil reclaiming process.... View More>>
REXON Portable Oil Purifier Delivery Today
2020-11-3nd Today at the factory, we commissioned the portable oil purifier JL-3-32 purchased by Colombian customer and made delivery.... View More>>
REXON Oil Purifier Can Online Detect Moisture Value in Oil
REXON uses an online moisture detector from Austria, model EE364, which will be installed on the pipeline of the oil line of the oil purifier. It can detect the moisture content in the oil online, and the detected moisture content value ( PPM data) is tra... View More>>
REXON Is Testing Oil Purifier Today Before Shipment
REXON oil purification company will test each oil purification machine ordered by the customer. Our test run of the ordinary oil purification machine will reach more than 5 hours. The trial run of the transformer oil purifier will reach 12 hours. ... View More>>
REXON Dry Air Generator Product Introduction
REXON dry air generator is suitable for providing dry air with low dew point during installation or maintenance of equipment such as transformers and reactors.... View More>>
Filter Element Used in REXON Oil Purification Machine
REXON's oil purification machines all use high-efficiency, special material filter elements, which can effectively filter out a large number of impurities in the dirty oil and very fine particles.... View More>>
REXON Made Packing and Delivery for Customer of Our TY-50 Turbine Oil Purifier
REXON made a turbine oil purifier packing and delivery for customer last Friday on 11th., Sept. 2020. This oil purifier system will be used for contaminated turbine oil purification and cleaning maintenance for customer.... View More>>
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