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Rexon vacuum lube hydraulic oil purifier TYA-30(1800LPH) onsite use
Rexon vacuum lube hydraulic oil purifier TYA-30(1800LPH) onsite use, and customer is very satisfied and happy with our oil purification equipment.... View More>>
How a vacuum lube oil purifier works?
So a vacuum oil purifier is aimed to solve the oil problems, and make oil pure cleaning again to be standard and good quality, and keep oil being always standard cleaning and qualified for use.... View More>>
Rexon Newest Vacuum Pumping Set for fastest transformer vacuum evacuating
The synchronous starting technology for our vacuum pumping set takes the idea that to achieve the “same time start” for both pumps to save time, and have the highest efficiency system to vacuuming big transformers in very short time.... View More>>
2019 New Transformer Oil Filtration Unit with Oil Flow Converter
you can buy only one machine to maintain many different transformers with different oil capacity, and every time, the machine will work automatically with suitable oil flow to match each transformer well, and running fluently..... View More>>
Industrial Lubricating Oil Maintenance
Under a regular oil purification process & treatment for your oil by our plant, the oil will be kept always in a good condition without such water, particles contaminants. Oil’s service time can be prolonged highly to meet it’s original lifetime. ... View More>>
About Remediation Treatment for Transformer Oil
Onsite transformer oil reclamtion includes fuller’s earth processing or silica gel regenerating, filtering treatment, heating process and dehydration/degasification processing. It is possible to restore oil to new oil specifications with a combination o... View More>>
Rexon Series TY vacuum Turbine oil purifier
Rexon Series TY vacuum Turbine oil purifier is used for purifying the unqualified turbine oil, especially the seriously emulsified turbine oil. I... View More>>
Transformer Oil Maintenance
A transformer requires oil for insulation and cooling. Oil in each instance degrades over time resulting in the potential for failure or costly repair bills. Regular maintenance and upgrading of the oil will add years to the life of your transformer. ... View More>>
Transformer Oil Cleaning Maintenance
REXON Transformer Oil Purification System can help you solve your transformer oil problems easily. It can remove the moisture, air, gas and particles from your used transformer oil high efficiency and completely. Under a regular oil purification process,... View More>>
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