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REXON Latest Hydraulic Oil Purifier Delivery
Recently, we shipped our latest model hydraulic oil purification machine to our overseas customer, this oil purifier model is TYA-10, capacity is 600liters/hour. The main function of this oil purifier is to purify and clean the used hydraulic oil, and mak... View More>>
REXON Portable Transformer Oil Purifier
In order to meet the needs of more customers, we has developed new series portable small transformer oil purifier. This small oil filter also uses a super vacuum dehydration system, electric control system, filtering system, heating system and a protectio... View More>>
REXON Adopts Online Oil Flow Sensor for Oil Purifier Machine
From 2021 this year, our company has equipped all our oil purifier machine products with a new accessory, that is the online oil flow sensor, oil flow detector.... View More>>
REXON Transformer Oil Purification Equipment On Field Use
In Bangladesh, in Pakistan, in Southeast Asia, like Malaysia, Vietnam, Laos, and so on. And many countries in South America, North America, Africa, etc, our REXON oil purification equipment and oil filtration machines are widely used.... View More>>
REXON Newest 80KV Transformer Oil BDV Tester Delivery
This oil BDV tester uses a microprocessor to automatically complete operations such as boosting, holding, stirring, static release, calculation, printing, etc., and can perform oil cycle pressure test within the range of 0~80KV.... View More>>
REXON Transformer Oil Purifier ZYD-100 Shipped
We shipped a transformer oil filter equipment for foreign customer last week. The equipment is specially customized by us according to the needs of customers. This transformer oil filtering equipment is necessary for power plants and substations.... View More>>
REXON Transformer Oil Purifier 3000LPH Shipment
REXON once again cooperated with Malaysian customers and provided them with a transformer oil purifier model ZYD-50/3000 liters per hour. This equipment adopts the latest thickened sheet metal closed door and heavy hooks for hanging up the machine.... View More>>
We Sold Transformer Oil Regeneration Purifier to Peru
As usual, every REXON oil purifier will have a strict quality inspection. The machine will be tested many times and run for a long time, and its working status has been observed well. So customers can buy from us with ease, and the quality of our oil puri... View More>>
REXON New PLC Automatic Control System for Oil Purifier
Recently, our Rexon team has carried out new research and upgrade on PLC operating system. The new PLC control system will give users a different experience on oil purifier operation. It will achieve the real automatic operation, rather than just using PL... View More>>
REXON Latest Portable Oil Purifier
This week, we delivered a new portable oil purifier for foreign customers. This portable oil filtering machine is mainly used to process lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, transformer oil, etc. Basically all industrial oil can be filtered and purified with i... View More>>
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