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REXON Latest Transformer Oil Purification Machine ZYD-200(12000LPH)
This is our REXON latest transformer oil purification machine, model ZYD-200. We sent it to our overseas customers recently, now it is doing a perfect onsite transformer oil treatment job for our customers. This plant has so many advantages and there are... View More>>
REXON Shipped Double-stage Vacuum Pumping Set to Overseas Customers Recently
This time, we shipped a transformer high-efficiency vacuum unit/vacuum pumping equipment to a foreign customer, model RNVS-300. The machine adopts a fully enclosed aluminum alloy room, a Siemens PLC fully automatic control system and a vacuum synchronous... View More>>
REXON Successfully Shipped Double-head Centrifugal Separation Unit to Overseas Customers
Recently, we successfully delivered a high-flow double-head centrifuge separation unit to an valued overseas customer. This cutting-edge waste oil purification treatment and oil-water separation machine provides excellent performance in a variety of indus... View More>>
REXON small and medium-sized transformer oil purification machine ZYD-50
This is a transformer oil purification machine sent to South Africa, model ZYD-50, with a processing capacity of 3,000 liters of oil per hour. This machine was strictly tested in our factory before delivery. After the test successfully, our quality inspec... View More>>
REXON Latest Frame-designed TYA-50 Vacuum Oil Purifier Shipment
This oil filtering equipment will provide Dubai customers with hydraulic oil and lubricating oil purification, cleaning, and later long-term oil cleaning and maintenance services. It will save customers oil replacement costs and maintain various equipment... View More>>
REXON Newest ZYD-200(12000Liters/Hour) Transformer Oil Purifier Delivery
Recently, we sent a ZYD-200 (12,000 liters per hour flow) transformer oil filter to a foreign customer. This machine adopts REXON's most advanced filtration technology and vacuum dehydration and degassing technology.... View More>>
REXON Successful Delivery of Transformer Ratio Test Instrument
Chongqing, China-Rexon Oil Purification, a leading provider of cutting-edge industrial solutions, is pleased to announce the successful shipment and delivery of a high-performance Transformer Ratio Test Instrument to an esteemed overseas client. This sign... View More>>
REXONs Transformer Oil Filtration Machine (Model ZYD-200, 12000 Liters/Hour) Successfully Satisfies African Clients Power Plant Needs
REXON is proud to have played a vital role in improving the efficiency and longevity of the power station's transformer equipment. As a trusted partner in the oil purification industry, we remain dedicated to delivering high-quality products and exception... View More>>
REXON Transformer Oil Purification Plant ZYD-WM-100
REXON transformer oil purification machine ZYD-100 is a double stage vacuum dehydration plant, its oil flow rate is 6000liters/hour, and it also has the transformer evacuating function. Of course, PLC intelligent automatic control system is the basic part... View More>>
REXON Digital Type Gear Oil Flow Meter for High Viscosity Oil
The flowmeter shipped by REXON this time is a widely applicable flowmeter in various fields for both low viscosity oil and high viscosity oil as a wild testing range, for example, the various industrial oil products, such as hydraulic oil, engine oil, com... View More>>
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