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Transformer Oil Maintenance
A transformer requires oil for insulation and cooling. Oil in each instance degrades over time resulting in the potential for failure or costly repair bills. Regular maintenance and upgrading of the oil will add years to the life of your transformer. ... View More>>
Transformer Oil Cleaning Maintenance
REXON Transformer Oil Purification System can help you solve your transformer oil problems easily. It can remove the moisture, air, gas and particles from your used transformer oil high efficiency and completely. Under a regular oil purification process,... View More>>
Lubricating Hydraulic Oil Purification System
REXON Lubricating hydraulic oil purification series TYA can help you clean your used oil to be fresh and new!... View More>>
REXON ZYD-150 and RNVS-70 Delivery
Our REXON double stage high vacuum transformer oil purification system ZYD-150(9000LPH) and the vacuum pumping set RNVS-70(70LPS) were just finished for packing and delivery in factory.... View More>>
Test and inspection in factory are successfully finished
REXON Transformer oil filtration system ZYD-150, Vacuum pumping set RNVS-70, and oil BDV tester IIJ-II-II-100 purchase by overseas customers were finished production and tested today, the inspection were successfully finished today in factory.... View More>>
Rexon High Standard Quality Control
Every oil purification machine produced by REXON company will be strictly quality tested, and inspected, and quality controlled.... View More>>
SYA Series 304 Stainless Steel Material Cooking Oil Purification System
This oil purification system is especially used for purifying used cooking oil and semi-finished new cooking oil.... View More>>
About vacuum pumping system connecting pipes for transformer vacuuming
For a vacuum pumping system, the connecting pipes which play an important role during the transformer vacuuming process.... View More>>
Rexon Vacuum Pumping System
Vacuum Pumping System of the RNVS series Two Stage Vacuum Pump Set is designed especially for transformer vacuum evacuating. It is puling vacuum to the transformer tank very high efficiency.... View More>>
REXON PLC Programming for Transformer Oil Purification System
With technology development fast, most of our REXON oil purification machines take advanced PLC automatic operation and control system, which has been researched and developed by our strong technical team.... View More>>
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