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Related to Turbine Oil Cleaning and Maintenance

Basic Introduction for Turbine Oil
The main difference between turbine oil and other lubricating oils is better anti-oxidation stability and anti-emulsification performance. It is mainly used in power plant steam turbines, hydroelectric power station hydro-generators and other lubrication occasions requiring deep refined lubricating oil. Turbine oil is A kind of engine oil for steam turbine engine, suitable for high-speed mechanical lubrication, mainly for lubrication, heat dissipation and cooling speed regulation.
The most important component of the turbine is the rotating element (rotor or impeller), which is mounted on the turbine shaft and has blades that are evenly arranged along the circumference. The energy of the fluid is converted into kinetic energy as it flows through the nozzle, and the fluid impinges on the blade as it flows through the rotor, propelling the rotor to rotate, thereby driving the turbine shaft to rotate. The turbine shaft drives other machines directly or via a transmission mechanism to output mechanical work.

Turbine Oil Use
Turbine oil, also known as TSA turbine oil, is divided into 32, 46, 68, 100 grades according to ISO viscosity grade. The density is generally calculated according to the measured value, and changes with the change of the moving viscosity of the turbine oil. The oil mainly evaluates the kinematic viscosity index, dynamic viscosity/density = kinematic viscosity, and the approximate density of the turbine oil ranges from 0.9 to 0.91.
1. Ordinary turbine oil is used in lubrication systems in steam turbines, hydro turbines, generator bearings and other mechanical equipment of power plants, ships and other industries.
2. Anti-rust turbine oil power plant equipment special oil, can also be used as lubrication and sealing of steam turbines and turbines in ships and other industries. It can be used as a compressor, hydraulic transmission and other equipment oils that do not contain sulfide media. The ambient temperature used should be no lower than 0 °C.
3. Anti-ammonia turbine oil is suitable for lubrication and sealing of centrifugal synthetic compressor, ice machine and steam turbine unit of large-scale synthetic ammonia fertilizer plant. The working temperature is 50-55 °C and the ambient humidity is -10-50 °C, of which 32D can be Use at -20-50 °C.

Performance Requirements for Turbine Oil

* Good oxidation stability. During the recycling process, it is in contact with air and metal for a long time and has a service life of 5 to 15 years. There are few precipitates produced during long-term operation, and the increase in acid value is not significant.
* Good viscosity temperature performance. The viscosity index of the oil is high, and its viscosity changes little as the temperature changes.
*Good anti-emulsification properties. The mixing of steam and condensed water leads to emulsification of the oil, and the high anti-emulsification performance can separate the oil and water as soon as possible.
*Good rust and corrosion resistance. Prevent corrosion caused by water, air, and other impurities on the equipment.
*Good anti-foaming performance

Problems to Turbine Oil
Turbine oil is prone to generate a large amount of water pollutants, as well as particulate impurities, mechanical impurities, etc. under the high temperature operation of the steam turbine. Especially the high water content pollution will have a very bad negative impact on the turbine oil, reduce the quality of the oil, make the turbine oil lose lubrication, heat dissipation and cooling speed regulation, thus affecting the normal operation of the turbine. Therefore, regular filtration and purification of turbine oil is very important.

REXON Solution
REXON Turbine Oil Purifier is a powerful vacuum system for the efficient and rapid dewatering of turbine oils. In addition, REXON's oil equipment uses a multi-stage filtration system to effectively remove impurities from the oil, reaching 1~3micron. REXON equipment also uses a constant temperature heating system and a safe electronic control system to ensure the efficient operation of the turbine oil purification machine for fast, stable and reliable cleaning of the turbine oil.

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