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Why does transformer oil take much longer time to process in a transformer than in an oil tank?

It is well known that transformer oil is an insulating oil used in transformers, which functions as insulation, heat dissipation and arc suppression. Transformer oil has a much higher dielectric strength than air. The insulating material is immersed in the oil, which not only improves the insulation strength, but also protects against moisture.

Then when a transformer oil purification machine is purifying the transformer oil, and when the transformer oil is in the transformer vessel, as the oil purification machine operates, the temperature of the transformer oil rises, and the moisture of the insulating papers in the transformer which will be adsorbed into the transformer oil. As a result, the moisture content of the transformer oil is greatly increased, so in such a case, the processing time required for the transformer oil is relatively long.

The insulation value of the transformer oil will rise slowly for a long time. Sometimes the insulation value of the transformer oil in process is even lower than the value before treatment. This is a phenomenon that occurs during normal processing, because we are not sure how much moisture is contained in the insulation paper inside the transformer. Therefore, we only need to spend more time to filter and purify the transformer oil. Finally, the insulation value of the transformer oil will be much higher than the value before the treatment, such as from 35KV to 60KV,75KV, etc.

When the transformer oil to be treated is in the oil tank, there is no additional pollutant in the oil tank, so the processing time is relatively fast.

Therefore, it takes more time for the transformer oil to be processed in the transformer than the transformer oil to be processed in the tank.

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