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REXON IIJ-II-100 Transformer Oil Tester Delivery

We REXON today sent a IIJ-II-100 transformer oil BDV tester to foreign customers.
The IIJ-II series tester is a tester for detecting the insulation strength of transformer oil. The detection range of IIJ-II-100 is 0~100KV transformer oil. It can accurately detect the insulation value of transformer oil and insulating oil. It is ideal for substation, power plant, power maintenance, power installation and more.
The REXON IIJ-II-100 fully automatic transformer oil tester is cost-effective, safe and reliable, and is equipped with a sufficient amount of special printing paper (5~10 rolls of printing paper), so that customers can use it for many years.
Please contact us for more details. We will provide you with a detailed quotation as soon as possible.

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