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REXON Ships ZYD-100(6000LPH) to Mexican Customer

On January 13, we made the last shipment before the 2020 Chinese New Year holiday. REXON always try best to make the fastest delivery for customers,  Generally it takes 3 ~ 4 weeks, during which we will complete production, testing and packing.
This time, the shipped unit is our ZYD-100 (6000LPH) transformer oil filtration machine for Mexican customer. This ZYD-100 transformer oil purifier will be used by our customers for substation projects, handling more than nos.10 transformers. ZYD-100 transformer oil purifier machine can do on-site transformer oil purification, including vacuum dehydration and degassing, high-precision oil filtration, and both oil and transformers maintenance.
This ZYD-100 vacuum oil purifier machine can not only purify unqualified insulating oil, but also can do vacuum oiling, vacuuming transformers, etc.
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