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REXON Oil Purifier Delivery Today

On April 8, 2020
, today, we completed the delivery to customers in South Korea. Our quality inspection personnel inspected the machine and everything was qualified. After that, the workers finished packing. The machine will reach Shanghai Port in three days. It only takes 2 days from Shanghai Port to Busan Port, which is very efficient.
After delivery, our after-sales staff timely reported the shipping schedule to the customer, and we will track the transportation of the goods for the customer. In the future, we will also provide customers with timely after-sales service and a 12-hour timely online response.
For customers in places where there is a huge time difference, we will reply to the customer's message within 1 hour after 8 a.m. China time. Our company REXON will provide customers with life-long technical support for machines, online Q & A, technical updates, free updates of some accessories and other free services.

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