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REXON Unique High Content Impurities Oil Filter Machine

REXON RBF series high-efficiency plate-type closed filter is a precision filtration device designed by REXON. It has a wide range of applications in the oil industry, petroleum and petrochemical, food and beverage, biopharmaceutical, organic chemicals and other industries. The equipment has unique structure, small size, high efficiency, low filtration cost, easy to use and operate, and no environmental pollution.

This machine is mainly used for cleaning the waste oil with high impurity content, such as used cooking oil (for biodiesel purpose), waste lubricating oil, motor oil, HFO, ship engine oil, etc.
The filter is mainly composed of a filter tank, a filter screen, a slag discharge mechanism, a capping mechanism, etc.
a. Filter tank
The filter tank is composed of a cylinder body and a top cover connected with quick-open bolts to form a closed container. The top cover and the flange of the tank body are sealed with a rectangular rubber gasket, and the lower part of the filter tank body is provided with a filter screen, a liquid collecting pipe, a feeding port and a slag discharge port.
b. Filter
The filter mesh is the main working part of the filter. The filter mesh is composed of multiple layers of stainless steel mesh with different specifications. The middle is the filtrate flow channel. The filtrate gathers the flow channel, the screen and the frame of the screen are riveted, the lower part of the screen is the outlet joint inserted into the collecting pipe, and the joint and the socket of the collecting pipe are sealed with a rubber O-ring.

c. Slag discharge device
The filter machine is equipped with an automatic vibrating dregs device when filtering oil and chemical products and other materials. The lower part of the filter tank is equipped with a large-diameter pneumatic and manual opening and closing slag discharge valve for slag discharge.
It is particularly worth mentioning that the machine has automatic slagging system, which does not need manual slagging anymore, and the automatic slag discharge system saves a lot of time and labor. So as to achieve the purpose of efficient operation, to achieve online production value added.

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