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REXON Transformer Oil Purifier Advantages

REXON transformer oil purifier is specially designed according to the characteristics of transformer oil. The contaminated sources and components of the transformer oil, and the degree of pollution, have a significant impact on the performance of the transformer oil and have a great impact on the transformer. Based on the above, REXON has developed the latest transformer oil purifier.
REXON oil purifier advantages:
1. Super strong vacuum system, large pumping speed vacuum pump and roots vacuum pump, provide equipment with ultra high vacuum pressure for efficient dehydration of transformer oil, or quickly create vacuum for transformer.
2. Adopt high power, constant temperature heating system. The transformer oil is heated gently and quickly.
3. Adopt multi-stage filter element and high-precision fine filter element to thoroughly clean the oil below 1micron.
4. Vacuum oil injection, change oil tank, easy to handle and save time.
5. One-button start-up, fully automatic intelligent operation, saving manpower.
REXON oil purification machine is a multi-functional equipment with high cost performance. It keeps your transformer oil clean and maintains your transformer. Welcome to contact us and let us help your power project succeed!

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