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Welcome Iran customer to visit us
Iran customer just visited us and checked our turbine oil filtration machine for our first time cooperation.... View More>>
REXON transformer oil purifier arrives at the destination port of foreign customers today
Today, foreign customer received the transformer oil purifier we sent, and the goods arrived safely and quickly at the customer's destination port.... View More>>
About Insulating Oil BDV Tester Calibration Certificate
In China, the manufacturer of test equipment will be inspected by the China CSBTS (State Bureau of Technical Supervision) at the beginning of the production of this instrument. After the inspection of this department, the tester can be produced.... View More>>
REXON unique online automatic slagging centrifugal separation oil purification unit
REXON RCF series online automatic slagging centrifugal separation oil purification unit adopts centrifugal separator, two-stage filter, constant temperature heater, electronic control system, PLC control system, online slag discharge system, automatic oil... View More>>
Why does transformer oil take much longer time to process in a transformer than in an oil tank?
It is well known that transformer oil is an insulating oil used in transformers, which functions as insulation, heat dissipation and arc suppression.... View More>>
Related to Turbine Oil Cleaning and Maintenance
Turbine oil is prone to generate a large amount of water pollutants, as well as particulate impurities, mechanical impurities, etc. under the high temperature operation of the steam turbine.... View More>>
REXON shipped a ZYD-200 big capacity transformer oil filter this week
This Monday, we shipped the oil purification machine for overseas customers. The customer purchased a large transformer oil filter machine that specializes in high-voltage transformer oil process. ... View More>>
What can REXON Oil Purification do for you?
REXON vacuum oil purification machine specializes in dealing with the above oil pollution problems, filtering and purifying dirty oil, so as to get clean and new oils, and continue to put the equipment into reuse. ... View More>>
Multi-Function of REXON Transformer Oil Filtration Machine
For onsite transformer oil filtration job, REXON oil filtration unit can have below functions. Besides the basic function of the oil filtration to transformer oil, REXON oil filtration machine can do other jobs like: *Evacuating transformer *Oil fillin... View More>>
REXON transformer oil purification machine used well at site
The transformer oil purifier that we shipped last month is now very well used in Malaysian customers place.... View More>>
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